Understanding the Problem

At work, we’ve been talking about how we need more specs. Spec all the things! I admit I was a little slow to get on this train, but a few months of subcontracting for some other companies has helped me see the light. (Most other companies seem to take a “spec none of the things” approach) But what really clarified this for me was a design decision I made this morning. The short explanation is that a helper class needs to be refactored for use in another helper class which is actually a multiton[1], with each instance using the helper slightly differently. Since this is Objective C, the obvious options for generalizing the soon-to-be helper-helper class are:

  1. Subclassing
  2. Passing a block (or blocks) into the init method
  3. Delegation

The problem is, these are all legitimate alternatives… so which one should I use? 10 minutes later, I realized that the problem wasn’t just horizontal code reuse, it was horizontal code reuse in the face of unknown requirements. In other words, I have no idea exactly where and why we’re going to need to insert custom logic into this helper-helper, I just anticipate needing to. Oh, and I also suspect I’ll be subclassing the helper. Now that I’ve clarified my problem, the solution is obvious! In case you don’t see it:

  1. Class explosion, difficult to reuse parts of methods
  2. Constructor arguments explosion, no clean way to reuse init paramaters in helper subclasses
  3. Method explosion. But that’s flexible, extensible by the helper, and allows optional callbacks (bonus!)

Option 3 is the only one that gracefully scales in arbitrary ways for the delegate and the delegee. The next time I’m struggling to arrive at a solution, I’m going to try taking a moment to clarify the problem.

[1]I’m not sure if multiton is actually a word, but it’s a singleton with k instances.

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