Javascript at it again

So if you’re not convinced yet that Javascript is a bad idea, perhaps a case study will help. It’s a good article, and the highlights are no surprise:

  • ✓ Language with a syntax that makes it really easy to introduce unintended side effects with no warning.
  • ✓ “Poor error handling and debugging”
  • ✓ “Nothing I could do in best practice … would have caught the offending line”

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use Javascript!” Now they have two problems.

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I'm a software developer at Modo Payments, a mobile payment provider. When I'm not hacking away the office, you I'm usually at home hacking on something else. Or practicing Aikido. Anyway, I just post things here that Google couldn't help me with, so maybe it'll help you in the future. Since you're reading this, I guess it worked :)
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